• Definition
  • Goals
  • Terms/Vocabulary
  • Techniques
  • Gauging success


  • From Latin retrospectare, "look back"
  • Three standing agenda items:
    • Discuss what was successful
    • Discuss what could be improved
    • Discuss how to incorporate the successes and improvements in future iterations


  • Set direction for continuous improvement
  • Set standards
  • Give everyone a voice


  • Facilitator - typically the Scrum Master
  • Action Items - one or two things that will be done

Techniques - General Steps

  • Set the Stage
  • Gather Data
  • Generate Insights
  • Decide What to Do
  • Close the Retrospective

Techniques - Exercises

Gauging success

  • Are you executing the action items?
  • Are you measuring the outcomes (good or bad)?
  • Does the team feel good about what they're doing?